Cafe’Lagoon in Amiya Resort Residences

Architect’s Perspective Never been to a place where you enjoy dating your wife in a restaurant while your children are having boating in a lagoon in Davao City. Hold your excitement because for the first time we will be inaugurating Cafe’Lagoon. Kisan Lu Lands Inc has released the official architect’s perspective of the CafeLagoon- one of the most awaited amenities of Amiya Resort Residences. A lagoon that will make your stay complete! The 3-year old Amiya Resort Residences has gone so far. It’s progressing even better as time goes by along with the increase of investors who believed in the caliber of the developer –  Kisan Lu Lands Inc. The CafeLagoon will be one of the favorite spots of the lot owners and future investors. There will be restobars where you can chill with your friends with the state-of-the art facilities. While savoring the mouthwatering dishes of CafeLagoon, you can refresh your mind and exude nega energies while relaxing in the mini kiosks or even along the bank of lagoon. Prove your love to your partner by giving her/him a romantic moment in our boating area. Love will always be in the air at CafeLagoon. Bring your whole family and hook a bait at the fishing area while enjoying the ambiance of total vacation. For as low as 7000 per sq.m, with a friendly scheme, ( See Amiya Houses) you can own lot her and eventually live here forever. There will never be a dull moment in Cafe Lagoon of Amiya Resort Residences. Choose Philippines. Choose Amiya! Learn more about Amiya Resort Residences.


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